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    Dear Parents!!! Late comers will not be entertained under any circumstances.Every student should report latest by 07.40am. School gates will be closed sharply by 07.45am

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    "Education Leads to Perfection" With 21st century education as its mission EFIA promises a healthy, innovative and student centered learning environment by providing complete package of quality education. EFIA proudly presents new lab rooms, play areas, smart board, digital campus, app

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Science Laboratories

Class-room learning is ineffectual in Science subjects, unless followed by scientific reasoning and investigation. In order to motivate the explorative talents and scientific enquiry of pupils, school is further enhancing its laboratory facilities. Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are further equipped and enlarged to cater to the empirical needs of the young inventive minds. This enables the pupils of different classes to simultaneously do the practical in these laboratories. It fulfills a long cherished dream of tapping the pupil full potential in the pursuit of their scientific enquiry and project work.

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Computer Laboratories

The use of computer technology has become fundamental to almost every area of learning in the school. Three well-equipped laboratories serve the school in this department. In these, the school pursues its goal of sending out into the world students who are familiar with the latest developments in information technology.

Each laboratory is carefully laid out to facilitate the best instructional methods and equipped with 30 computers of the latest technology. These are also networked to allow for efficient group work.

Besides a commitment to their total understanding of the latest technological developments, the school trains students in many other skills through the medium of computers. Such is the advance in the field in subject-assisted learning that the use of technology is basic to the teaching of all subjects today, and teachers are resorting to this facility to doubly enhance the subject matter they need to cover, and indeed broaden its scope.

The School remains committed to maintaining a department that is equipped with the latest technology, improving continuously to meet the needs and aspirations of both the students and the staff who teach them.

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efia school