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Emirates Future IntERNATIONAL Academy
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    Dear Parents!!! Late comers will not be entertained under any circumstances.Every student should report latest by 07.40am. School gates will be closed sharply by 07.45am

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    "Education Leads to Perfection" With 21st century education as its mission EFIA promises a healthy, innovative and student centered learning environment by providing complete package of quality education. EFIA proudly presents new lab rooms, play areas, smart board, digital campus, app

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Our Objectives

► To make the student conscious of global changes in social, political and economic fields.
► To inculcate a sense of dignity that will motivate the student to grow into a compassionate and responsible citizen who is committed the nation as well as the world.
► To provide scope and challenges in physical, cultural and aesthetic fields, wherein a student combines competition and achievement with spirit of broad mindedness and adventure.
► To install in all students the right virtues, moral and ethical values and a sense of fulfillment.
► To bring about visible change both in body and mind through balanced curriculum that lays foundation for “tomorrow’s prospect.”
► To provide a platform, against the back drop of modern curriculum methods and infrastructure, for comprehending quality syllabus and train students to be creative, analytical and pragmatic in their quest for knowledge.