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    Dear Parents!!! Late comers will not be entertained under any circumstances.Every student should report latest by 07.40am. School gates will be closed sharply by 07.45am

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    "Education Leads to Perfection" With 21st century education as its mission EFIA promises a healthy, innovative and student centered learning environment by providing complete package of quality education. EFIA proudly presents new lab rooms, play areas, smart board, digital campus, app

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Mrs K G Vinayaki, obtained her Master’s degree in History and Hindi from the Universities of Chennai and Karnataka respectively She has also completed her M.Ed., and M.Phil (Edu), Leadership & Management Course. In her career, she has covered 39 years in the field of education and administration. She has been discharging her dedicated services in the Middle East for more than a decade. In 2006 Ms Vinayaki joined EFIA and has been with the school ever since, through every stage of its progress and development. She works actively for the cause of the student community playing various roles as a teacher, leader, guide, friend, philosopher, and as a counsellor to all who need support. Her vision lies in moving from darkness to light by imparting the perfect knowledge and morality to groom the student community into ideal citizens of their respective nations.

“At Emirates Future International Academy, our teachers work diligently to create a learning environment that is responsive to the differences in our students’ academic levels, interests and learning styles. We aim to provide a safe, positive and supportive school experience so that all students feel valued and encouraged to achieve their personnel best - “Education is a joint venture between school and home. It is the fulcrum of life for peace, progress and development.” By inspiring the students to involve in a whole lot of innovative projects under the guidance of their subject mentors we nurture their inherent leadership qualities. A balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow is provided by a comprehensive education through developmental approach with the respective student council members. The school environment also promotes order, independence, zeal for learning and above all to become valued citizens of the world.”

Mrs K.G.Vinayaki